Welcome to AparnaBio

AparnaBio is a privately held biotechnology company formed to pursue our passion to develop biomedical nanoparticle technology and products for research and treatment of human disease.

We are developing tissue targeting technology platforms that can advance biomedical research and ultimately revolutionary therapeutics.  For example, we are developing NanoElectroPlex(TM), NEP(TM), a proprietary nanoparticle technology utilizing electrostatic self-assembly and biodegradable macromolecular carriers.  We also provide conventional nanoparticle technology for our collaborator’s needs.  We have achieved important advances in protein and polymer conjugation that provides protective surface coatings and effective ligand targeting.

With cutting edge technology, we have developed a portfolio of tissue targeted therapeutic candidates with preclinical proof of feasibility, from peptide targeted anti-microbials to synthetic Virus-Like Particle vaccine candidates to a dual-activity RNAi nanoparticle therapeutic candidate (nano-DAMIR).

In addition, we have a growing research reagent product line and we provide services using our reagents to academic and industry laboratories.  We have introduced the first tissue targeted nanoparticle reagent kits for RNAi or gene therapy studies in vivo, the InVivoPlex(R) family, and offer innovative reagents for in vitro transfection.

We welcome the opportunity to engage with partners and collaborators.