RNAi Reagents and Companion Products

AparnaBio’s family of nanoparticle RNAi reagents are derived from our tissue targeting technologies that span leaky vascular tumor targeting, peptide ligands, and monoclonal antibody targeting.   With this powerful targeted nanoparticle capability, we are developing a growing set of powerful nanoparticle transfection reagents for translational biomedical research.  Currently we offer  InVitroPlex™ reagents for tissue culture, in vivo optimized InVivoPlex® reagents, and companion products including InVivoTrak™ and InVivoAct™.   InVitroPlex™ reagents are available for specialized tissue culture transfection, e.g. suspension culture manufacturing of biologics including VLP and snail/parasite transfection for basic research, whereas our InVivoPlex® reagents are currently available in two forms, one for EPR targeting of leaky vasculature tumors and one for cRGD peptide targeting of growing blood vessels (neovasculature).

InVivoPlex®: Translate RNAi to Murine Tumor Models

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